Biden Claims He’s a Jobs President, Workers Wages Are Up

The illegitimate individual was spewing a boatload of propaganda today speaking on the economy amid the supply chain crisis. His handlers had him claiming his presidency is a jobs presidency, with small businesses surging, and under his watch wages are up…

‘Things are getting better for American workers higher wages, better benefits, more flexible schedules, balance sheets for American families are better, as well savings are up. Home equity is up, credit card balances are down and if you continue and combine the wage increases we’ve seen, with the with the direct relief my administration has provided to middle class families, the typical middle class family’s disposable income has actually gone up two percent this year even after accounting for higher prices.’

Let’s play along for a minute assuming people are making more money. All that money is getting eaten because of his destructive economic policies that have caused prices to surge. Do you know anyone with a business who is thriving? Many small business owners are having to close up over supply, worker and other issues as a result of this guys handlers policies. Do you know anyone who isn’t dealing with large credit card debt?

It would take a book to disprove what this monster is saying, and for the record people going back to their jobs after being sidelined over a year because of the bug doesn’t make one a jobs creator. Unemployment remains at Depression Era levels, the CPI is throught the roof.

Lies, all LIES. Talk to people, look at your communities, do your homework you’ll see!