Lin Wood Responds to Rỉttẹnhousẹ Claims in Tucker Interview


The he said, he said begins!

Tucker Carlson had an exclusive interview with Kylẹ Rỉttẹnhousẹ discussing the events in Kenosha in 2020 that would change his life, the trial and about his attorneys who represented him in the beginning, Lin Wood and John Pierce.

Rỉttẹnhousẹ had choice words for the two saying Wood and Pierce kept him in jail while raising $1M for his defense. He said they left him in jail for 87 days, he had no running water in his cell, they had him do interviews and Pierce told him he was in an “unorganized militia.”

Wood responded after being contacted by a “reporter” from the Daily Beast that Rỉttẹnhousẹ had seperate attorneys for criminal defense (Pierce and Richards), that he did not represent Rỉttẹnhousẹ in criminal matters. He explained what happened with the money that it was used for videos, attorneys, investigators etc. Wood also stated the family spokesman, David Hancock is a disgraced Navy SEAL, a CIA Asset with a Deep State agenda, and Kyle ‘is being fed misinformation,’ ‘manipulated and used’!

So there ya go….