Biden to Tap Strategic Oil Reserve, Will Only “Help” For 3 Days

The old guy announced he will tap 50M barrels of the strategic oil reserves over the price of gas skyrocketing to give Americans a break at the pump. Sounds like a lot and a “great plan” huh? NOPE!

Americans use approx 18M barrels a day ‘a drop in the bucket’, so this release will only “help” for about 3 days – in other words you won’t notice a thing at the pump or with your heating bill. Meanwhile it will deplete this reserve that is needed for an actual energy crisis, not to make up for poor economic policies and an attempt for cheap political points.

This guy… no, his handlers are the most destructive group of monsters to ever walk the Earth. This isn’t the old guys idea, it didn’t even come from ANYONE in his regime including his energy secretary who has no clue how much oil we use!

The shutting down of our energy independence is the handiwork of obama-jarrett-rice, the people who are running this regime, pushing the radical climate change hoax, picking up where the marxist/ communist left off Jan 20,2017.