Boebart Caved – Attempted to Apologize to Omar But Was Hung Up On

Lauren Boebart came onto the political scene hot and fast starting with telling Robert Frank O’Rourke who wants to take American’s guns away ‘I am here to say, Hell no, you’re not’. She is considered a rising star of the conservative wing of the GOP for standing on her principles even vowing that she would not bow down to the Left.

During a recent appearance she told a silly story about entering a Capitol elevator as an officer was rushing to the door but she could stop the doors from closing wondering what the fuss was about. She then looks over to see Ilhan Omar standing next to her and thinking “well at least she doesn’t have a backpack on” This of course set DC a blaze, it was a joke who cares! Leftists, including Omar, so far worse about GOP members and their supporters – ya know we’re all nazis and white supremacists.

Boebart of course caught some heat for this and what did she do? She issued an apology and today attempted to do it again claiming Omar wanted more.

What happened to the woman who said she wouldn’t bow down to the Left?

Many seem to forget what Boebart said not even a year ago as they come to her defense. She caved as fast as anyone in the GOP on just about every issue. NONE of these people have a spine among them nor our backs. This is why you don’t see as many posts on this site from members of the GOP going at the Left anymore; they’re all talk no action.

Why is Boebart calling Omar to apologize? She has every right to think the way she does and question Omar’s intentions seeing that her policies and actions are quite anti-American. Do people need to be reminded about her acts of fraud by marrying her brother to gan the immigration system? Do we need to point out she is an agent of CAIR which has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood!? Boebart has as much right to say what she said as any of us under Sullivan vs NY Times 1964. She caved, and technically apologized twice! Clearly the GOPe got to Boebart to issue an apology, which is a problem in itself.

YES, I heard Boebart said and that she would not do what Omar wanted, but the fact remains she picked up the phone to issue an apology of some kind- THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE to true Conservatives knowing what we know about Omar. Don’t talk tough and then turn around cowering to your enemies.

We need to get people in DC with a spine, who will not cave under any circumstances.