Leftists Have Complete Meltdown Over Rỉttẹnhousẹ Verdict

The jury came back today with a not guilty verdict on all charges against Kylẹ Rỉttẹnhousẹ, and naturally this sent the Left… pretty much all of them into complete meltdown.

If you pay attention you can see theres a nice narrative being pushed that somehow when the legal system works and the accused whose found not guilty is white that it’s because of racism and white supremacy.

Let’s make something clear, there was NO evidence produced by the prosecution that Rỉttẹnhousẹ was engaged in any illegal criminal activity prior to using his weapon. He wasn’t looting, burning anything down, robbing a bank etc. He was white armed and on the wrong side politically.

Most of fools chirping away that if it had been a 17yo black boy they would’ve been shot by police or found guilty. NO THEY WOULD NOT if the circumstances were the same. Furthermore, WI is an open carry state, and we have never had any news break of a black man being shot just for carrying a gun. Most of the high profile shootings involving black men was the result of police being called in because a crime has been or was in the process of being committed and said individuals refusing to follow orders, fight police and or fire on them – that is a fact NONE of these RACISTS care to share with the public.

I can post pages of this garbage from these unhinged, mentally deranged monsters.

When you hear them complain, be sure to remind these race hustlers Timothy Simpkins remains a free man after shooting 4 people including a teacher in his school in Austin, TX. He turned himself in and later that same day he was released on $75K bond, whereas Rỉttẹnhousẹ had a $2M bond and spent time in jail.

IF Rỉttẹnhousẹ had started fires, looted or robbed a bank and then shot those 3 individuals he would’ve been found guilty. He did nothing wrong but these monsters don’t want people to know the truth because it proves they’re all liars. Hell many drones actually think to this minute Rỉttẹnhousẹ shot 3 black men, thats how uninformed and brainwashed they are, by legacy media and Leftists “leaders”.

The Left wants violence in the streets, they need it because it makes them money and enables their power grabs. Don’t you worry they’ll still find a way to go after your Second Amendment rights after this. That’s the other reason they’re enraged, because Rỉttẹnhousẹ wasn’t the only one on trial 2A was too. This decision is a big win for your right to carry a weapon and defend yourself!

If Kenosha turns into a war zone over the next couple of days these monsters and many like them will have been successful in their rants and lies.