Rỉttẹnhousẹ Judge Kicks NBC Out of Trial After Producer Followed Bus of Jurors

One of the political activists at MSNBC/NBC followed the bus that transports Rittenhouse jurors home, and attempted to take photos of the jurors obviously to dox them.

The monster who instructed the individual to follow the jurors Irene Byon of course has shut down all her social media accounts but there’s no doubt who she is and works for.

The Judge, who has done a lackluster job running this trial that should’ve been declared a mistrial with prejudice, has banned the entire NBC network from the trial!

So as you sit there wondering why this case is taking the jury so long is it not obvious? The jury is TERRIFIED of producing a not guilty verdict. They’re picking apart every angle of this case looking for anything to convict this kid. Why do they want to convict Rỉttẹnhousẹ? Because LEFTISTS from every angle are engaged in acts of intimidation from the hateful chants outside the courthouse that can be heard at times in the courtroom. Politicians, political pundits and the media have already declared Rỉttẹnhousẹ guilty, a racist and white supremacist, while physical threats of violence are being made and now media activists are trying to get the jurors pics to plaster all over the net to in fact dox them!

That is why the case is taking so long. If Rỉttẹnhousẹ was getting a fair shake they would’ve had a not guilty decision late Monday night or by the close of business Tuesday.

There are 500 National Guardsmen on standby for violence because of DEMOCRATS/LEFTISTS.
It’s not conservatives/Trump supporters who tear up, loot and burn cities when a trial doesn’t go their way.
It’s not conservatives/Trump supporters doxxing jurors and other high profile people.

Leftists regardless of who are this nations biggest national security threat, this thing with NBC/MSNBC is proof. There is NO REASON to photograph jurors, unless you want to make them famous – in a bad way.