Biden Declares Winter Of Death For Unvạccỉnạted

The old guy in cognitive decline is fear mongering over the newest bug variant that is much weaker and no fatalities. He and his handlers continue to act as if this bug is the most deadly in history, following the script from the movie Contagion (2011) to a “T” minus the bodycount, while using every bit of news to seize more power.

The science deniers have this puppet trying to blame the unvaccinated for any spread of the bug, while completely ignoring the fact that the majority of people who are getting sick have comorbidities and/or got 1-3 jabs(and counting).

He went from threatening a ‘dark winter’ last year to ‘winter of severe illness and death’ with the hopes you will take the untested experimental shot as he claims if you do you’re protected. Take note what he said is untrue and if any of us were to say anything untrue we would be canceled on social media. He’s allowed to lie… push propaganda and fear to get people to comply.

Something sinister is going on as reports hit daily of people falling ill from the shot. You have to ask what in the hell is in this shot that progressives are hell-bent everyone gets the jab for a bug that has a 99.96% survival rate for relatively healthy people of any age!??