Fauci Doubts We’ll Ever Be Able to Fly Without Masks

Dr MengeleFauci appeared on State Media fielding questions about the bug and was asked about travelers being required to wear masks when flying, following Southwest and American Airlines CEO’s telling Senate they question the need for masks on flights.

As you would expect the elf tyrant disagrees with the execs and the steps they’ve taken to protect travelers by sanitizing aircraft and the strong use of air filtration systems.

No matter what is done the elf tyrant and his progressive ilk will continue to move the goal posts back. This is all about control now. Think about it, after all we know today progressives act as if the bug is the most lethal killer in history. They keep telling the lie over and over again because the sheep…. hypochondriacs keep taking the bait and these very same people are the ones who keep electing tyrants into power!

If you’re worried about getting the bug STAY THE F HOME, WEAR A MASK 24/7/365, ISOLATE YOURSELF, GET 20 SHOTS, LIVE IN QUARANTINE because the rest of us are DONE with this bullshit!