White House Warns Unvạccỉnạted ‘Looking At A Winter Of Severe Illness And Death’

The illegitimate regime is on a major fear mongering campaign warning/ threatening severe illness, if not death is coming this winter for those who do not get the UNTESTED EXPERIMENTAL jab!

People continue to have severe reactions to the v@x, many suffering heart issues from myocarditis to congestive heart failure among other reported cases but this regime will never mention that. Ever notice those LONG commercials for medication where they list all the side effects advising you to check with your doctor, why don’t they do that for the v@x??

Better yet, why are these people hell-bent on everyone getting this jab if you’re not protected from it. And don’t pull that bs, “if you get the bug, it won’t be as bad… you won’t end up on a ventilator.” A LOT of people had the bug and are fine including yours truly who got it at the of Dec 2019 into the first couple weeks of Jan 2020, where all we knew at the time was “some weird virus is going around”!

What’s in the v@x that they want it in every single man, woman and child, regardless of the fact if you get the bug you have 99.96% survival rate?! The new strain is weaker too, it doesn’t get into your lungs so most people are looking at a bad sore throat, if they get it.

These people are up to something nefarious, sinister by using this bug as an excuse to shut things down, wrecking the global economy and trying to reset every everything.