Kamala: It’s No One’s Fault That CỌVỈD Hit The World

It’s pretty clear who the harlot and old guy get their orders from. With all the information out, even though legacy media has tried to bury it, and those who frequent this site knew back in March 2020 the bug clearly came from China. But here we have, technically the second most powerful person in the world, trying to gaslight everyone the bug infestation is no one’s fault!

Oh no no no kammy, it’s the CCP and your pal Dr MengeleFauci’s fault because they thought they could engineer a hybrid bug to learn and understand how to defeat them should an actual pathogen get loose. That’s not me saying it, that was the goal in the paper they published Nov 9th 2015 this site was first to post that EVERYONE (conservative media to Senators) now cites.

China is responsible, they let the bug loose and NO ONE is holding them accountable because frankly everyone is afraid of them.

They have 2M man military!

SO WHAT! In addition to the US military and its arsenal there are over 100,000,000+ Americans in possession of 445,000,000+ guns and billions of rounds of ammo – WE OUTNUMBER AND OUTGUN THE CHICOMS!!!

If our elected officials big corporations a had a pair they could bring the CCP to its knees within a few weeks by bringing all manufacturing back to the US, calling them out for using SLAVE LABOR (this is why everything coming out of China is so cheap), taxing all that cheap junk they make and ship around the globe, and devaluing the Yen to a few cents since they just print money 24/7!

China could be stopped tomorrow but because we have wastes of flesh like kammy and her boss who pal around with spineless CEO’s, we’re the ones being brought to our knees.

China did this kammy, and you’re helping them.

As for Ukraine, IMO Putey Pute will invade around the same time China goes into Taiwan. They’ll do it around the same time to send a message to the world they’re running the show, they’re the SuperPowers of the 21st Century and America is weak, broken and pathetic.