Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public About the Bugg*: This is Evil at the Highest Level

You know it’s bull, and now we have a nurse, who is a federal worker, blowing the whistle on the evil being perpetrated by this govt against the American people.

[this is part 1, more to come]

They know the data is inaccurate, they know there are adverse reactions to those getting the jạb* and it’s causing more people to get sick but they just don’t care

So as you watch this ask yourself this question that this site has been asking for months:
WHY are progressives so adamant everyone gets this UNTESTED (over time) EXPERIMENTAL jạb for a bugg* that has a 99.96% survival rate for relatively healthy people of all ages?


This opens the door to crazy conspiracy stories including some that are quite terrifying.
DO NOT COMPLY, RESIST AT ALL COSTS.. something is not right

(*As always this site has to be cryptic in the language used on posts like this, using incorrect spelling, different symbols etc, to avoid Big Tech’s AI that scans the page for anything to justify censoring content from being see on their platforms the moment a link to an op like this is posted!!)