This is Outright Child Abuse

Muzzling kids who are at next to zero risk of getting the bug, let alone spreading it, is beyond abusive. Look at what these monsters are doing to this little guy, probably 2-3 years old and still in diapers, forcing that muzzle on him. Forget the health risks of being muzzled all day, does anyone have any clue the amount of psychological damage being done to children over this bug going around that IS NOT the lethal killer its being portrayed as!?

America what in the hell is wrong with you? Why do you allow your children to be subjected to this abuse by schools to govt officials?


If everyone would just stop complying en masse this ends in 1 day!

“What are we supposed to do with our kids?”

The hard truth?

Get together with other like-minded parents, decide where the kids can be taught, combine your money to hire a competent tutor(s) to teach them in a homeschool “pod”!

For the little ones who need daycare, find someone else who isn’t a card carrying liberal psychopath.

Your children are your most prized “possession” that you’re willing to die for, and yet you allow them to be subjected to this abuse over the bug, to CRT and all the other degenerate crap liberal-progressive “teachers” are forcing on them every single day!

Wake the hell up, stop complying, RAISE HELL , it’s your kids for God’s sake!