MasterCard Creates New Carbon Credits Card, Here Comes Your Social Credit Score

More businesses are getting into lockstep with policies communist China has enacted like the implementation of a social credit score. MasterCard has teamed up with the UN to create a new card Doconomy (“voluntary” for now) where they’ll monitor your purchases and grade them as to how they effect the environment! When you hit your “carbon max” you won’t be able to use your card!! It will be fun times for everyone when all the banks jump on board this new system and impose it on everyone!

They powers that be know they can’t tell you what you can and can’t buy right now. But when a system like this is used across the board they will and they will also bankrupt any business who goes against the grain as well! Can you say putting the firearms industry out of business? And all you haters using gasoline, how are you gonna pay for that tank of gas when the bank will reject your card at the pump!?

Time to resist is now, the longer you wait the worse things are going to get.