Joe Goes on Another Vacation While America is Being Invaded

Over 12k illegal aliens are waiting to be processed in Del Rio, TX as another 10k+ are expected within days. The USA is being invaded by the hands of joe biden who went on another vacation, and ALL democrats; which includes your family, neighbors, media, Hollywood etc anyone who is responsible for this man being in office and the DNC holding majority power in Congress.

Fox News’ Bill Melugin has been on top of this invasion documenting how this govt has allowed 1000’s of illegals to enter the USA daily, blatantly BREAKING federal immigration laws. The FAA tried to stop Fox and other media from flying drones to document the invasion, but thanks to the TX DPS Melugin and other reporters are being taken up in their helicopter to document this disaster the regime has caused….

According to fmr ICE Dir Tom Homan, Border Patrol officials have declared Broken Arrow, which means they’re overrun, need help but this admin will not provide it. NO, NO, instead they’re fighting to overturn rulings…

There is NO WAY to stop this. There is no way to send the illegals who have entered this year alone, that is the size of San Jose, CA, back where they came from. The Democrats are not going to stop their plan to turn the entire US into California. No president would go on vacation while our nation is being invaded, Americans being left being enemy lines in Afghanistan, inflation running wild etc… unless what is unfolding is by design. That is how we know this is all part of dems master plan to fundamentally transform America.

Fear not, guys like fmr GOP Rep Jason Chaffetz say we just need to win elections to get things back under control! Right, win elections that are controlled and ballots counted by democrats.

We’re screwed folks… we’re not in 1776, it’s 1861.