Bully DEMOCRAT Follows And Harasses Woman For Not Wearing Mask

Branch Covidians are getting more embolden by the day. Here we have your typical dirty stink hippy BULLY democrat following and harassing a woman in Target because she doesn’t have a mask. The fool brags that because his alleged wife is a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases he has the right to harass people who are not complying with fascistic rules.

If the vaccines work what does this fool care? He’s got his useless paper mask on and got the shot, he’s protected. Listen to him he couldn’t careless that she already had the bug and has natural immunity. A woman says a family member got the shot and still got sick and this fool didn’t believe her. Who made him god?

Look at him, theres no way he’s married to an MD! First thing the woman or any of the bystanders should’ve done was demand he ID his wife. That alone would shut him up. And take note he sought out a woman to harass not a man – this is typical of bullies who go after those they assume are weak targets.

People like this, bullies, are gonna have to be dealt with sooner or later. We cannot allow the “Johnny Tyler’s” and “Scut Farkus'” (look them up then you’ll understand the refernce) of the world continue acting out like this. Frankly, if this happens to yours truly said individual is going to have the worst day of their life.