Pelosi: Biden is “Perfect” & “Knows His Foreign Policy”

This country is totally screwed with the monsters voters have put into govt to run it. We have a senile old fool sitting in the oval office. An incompetent laughing jackass, NO ONE wanted to vote for in the dem primaries plotting how to she can take over if/ when the old fool is removed or whatever, and then theres Nancy Pelosi.

This idiot, third in line for the presidency, thinks the old fool, who is really a puppet for obama-jarrett-rice regime, is “..we needed him now! He’s perfect for now. He knows his foreign policy”!

How? By getting Americans killed, handing billions over to terrorists, ceding US energy independence and economic power to our enemies!?

We can’t really get mad at her because she’s just doing what comes natural. We need to direct our anger at the dolts who elected her and the bastards running the election system and counting ballots. They’re responsible for this mess we’re in!