American Airlines Kicks Mother Off Plane Because Asthmatic 2yo Didn’t Want To Wear Mask

Tyrants just don’t run school boards, cities, states or DC, many of them work for the airlines as GLORIFIED waiters and waitresses. Yea thats right I said it and don’t care if “Flight Attendants” get all bent over it.

Here we have a mother who IS COMPLIANT wearing her USELESS PAPER mask having a hell of time trying to get her 2yo, who has asthma, to wear his… a 2yo ya know TERRIBLE 2’s! And just like the NAZIS they are, American Airlines decides to treat this mom and her baby like a national security threat kicking them off the plane. Oh wait it gets better the SOB steward, Carl, took it upon himself to announce to the plane that it will be delayed because of “non-compliant traveler”. Yea, he left out the part it’s a 2yo with asthma.

Think about this for a second, at one point she’s holding the mask to his face… is this what we’ve come to to satisfy tyrants that we’ll smother children!?

MASKS DO NOT WORK per Fauci, CDC and even painters. Next time you’re in the store and see a box/package of masks READ the fine print, it will say it DOES NOT protect against viruses and they’re made in China! Children pose ZERO threat to anyone concerned about getting the bug, which for the record has a 99.96% survival rate for relatively healthy people of all ages.

The only way this ends is when EVERYONE stops complying with these ridiculous policies. What are they going to do cancel entire flights? Have a plane load of people arrested? They can’t and the police won’t want the headache. We win when everyone grows a spine and starts standing up to these bastards.


American Airlines like the other airlines are pure evil over these ridiculous policies. They’re treating people like garbage daily while charging fliers for just about everything – since when is traveling with luggage optional that you get charged for your bag(s)?! They delay or cancel flights without warning. The seating gets tighter by the year, it’s one thing after another and we’re supposed to just take it. It would be a damn shame if investors, day traders, Wall Street Bets types were to organize and tank these companies stock! Big corps do it everyday and get rich off of declining stock prices, so why can’t the little guy stick it to these SOB’s!?