Number of Illegals Apprehended in Aug Could Fill 2 Stadiums!

The ‘Horseshoe’ is home to the Ohio State Buckeyes and it can hold 104,000 people.

The border patrol apprehended enough illegal aliens (208K) to fill this stadium twice! This is a 317% increase from a year ago, that this admin has no intentions of stopping.

While Americans are being expected to get the jab, be muzzled all day, practice social distancing the same govt pushing these policies is letting illegals into the US with no restrictions. The border continues to be invaded by people from all over the world because this admin is on cruise control to turn the US into California. As you know from todays news the recall election for Gov Newsom failed. This happened because of shenanigans but also dems outnumber repub voters 2-5:1! We don’t have a solid number because anyone can vote in CA, including illegal aliens. How do I know that? Well I have firsthand knowledge that someone who is NOT a resident of CA voted in the recall election. So if this person voted, illegals and anyone else who wanted to voted in that election. Dems have permanent one party rule there, so the system is rigged to keep them in power and illegals played a role in dems getting there. That is what is going to happen to the entire USA.

So when you see stories like this you need to understand the gravity of it. That’s why this site is not pushing the actual number of who came into the country, because most people can’t comprehend it. But people understand visuals like a stadium at max capacity. Or we could use the numbers in comparison to the size of towns, cities and states. Regardless this number is alarming and there is no end in sight.

What do we do?

Well the jackasses who went too far January 6th did do something right… they put the fear of God in many of the bastards in DC. We need to do that again WITHOUT violence and destruction of property. Until DC fears the American people they’re never going to stop. And take note, govt officials including the Border Patrol are breaking US federal immigration laws! Somebody somewhere is gonna have find a way to start arresting these people for violating immigration laws. Lawsuits, criminals charges are the only avenue we have outside of repeating Apr 12, 1861 at this point now that we know voting them out is DOA. Legal eagles you need to do your thing, and we need to find some people in law enforcement and the judiciary willing to take the heat otherwise the US will become California.