DHS Secretary: We Are Executing Our Border Plan

DHS Sec Alejandro Mayorkas was on the Hill today getting grilled by the Senate. When asked by Sen Hawley if the Sec is happy with what’s happening on the border whether it’s a success he said, “We have a plan. We’re executing on our plan, and we will continue to do so.”

The current conditions at the border is that of a third world nation…

… which we see similar examples around the US in democrat strongholds especially in CA.

The dems plan is in fact to turn the US into California – A state under permanent one party rule (democrats), where there are 2 classes of people. The super rich and the poor who serve them. You can deny this all you want, but these are the facts it’s happening right now as we speak, the evidence is there if you just open your eyes. Dems are importing 1000’s of illegals everyday to change America’s demographics just as they did in California AFTER they and progressive republican pulled one over on Pres Reagan to grant amnesty in 1986. When that happened thats when CA started changing getting a huge surge in “migrants” That resulted in the state being the mess it is today because politicians, democrats, used illegals to gain power in the state via redistricting etc. You’re seeing the same thing play out now on a national scale.

This admin and democrats have no plan to stop the massive flow of illegals into the country. The border czar (who is from California and once served at Atty Gen and Senator) is criticized for not doing her job, but she is! The harlot is ensuring the number of illegals entering the country each month is enough to fill two football stadiums!

Federal immigration laws are being broken every month not only by illegals but also govt officials, the Border Patrol and anyone else who is helping these people enter and exist in this country! Someone might want to look into how to arrest a few govt officials to make a statement and send a warning otherwise American’s are going to know what it’s like to live in a third world nation.

Broken Arrow.. where are the Patriots who said they wouldn’t allow this to happen?