Maxine Waters: Border Patrol’s Actions Are “Worse Than Slavery”


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from this monster but when Maxine Watters opens her big mouth she’s always telling lies, looking for any opportunity to pull the race card.

The images of Border Patrol agents on horseback “using whips,” actually their reigns, to deal with illegal aliens violating America’s sovereignty and federal law has all been debunked, but this monster chose to continue the narrative suggesting it was “worse than what we witnessed in slavery,” and Trump’s fault!!

First off, Donald Trump is NOT President anymore, the old guy has been in power. You know the old guy who had a record number of Executive Orders to overturn most of Trump’s policies including keeping the border secure. So for this monster to blame Trump is pathetic, and proof of how badly she’s still suffering from TDS.

Slaves were beaten, whipped so badly they were left with terrible scars and other atrocities. NONE of that happened at the border. There were no whips present but she doesn’t care she wants to enrage Leftists and make what’s going on at the border about race. Watch you’ll see, they’ll all be saying the only reason Haitians, Mexicans, Cubans, and all the others from 140 countries aren’t being welcomes is because America is racist. They’ll demand these people have entry regardless of the damage they’re causing, threats to national security and a public health threat!

It’s all about turning America into California so dems across the country can stay in power indefinitely like Wiggy Waters is in CA!

They’re never gonna stop until the People rise up… What are you prepared to do?