Race Hustler Gets Heckled At TX Border

Now you knew it was just a matter of time until the hardcore race hustlers would come out about the border invasion, to make it about race when massive numbers of Haitians began illegally entering the US, after traveling from Chile?.

This piece of garbage tried to spew his hate and division got heckled and drowned out from Patriots who were telling him to leave Texas.

Yes, he did say asylum… the people invading this country have Z E R O grounds to claim asylum. There’s no genocide, political or religious persecution or civil war where they came from (It’s about to start here though!).

American’s fed up with whats going on need to do a lot more of this to ALL radical democrats and their agents of hate and division, like Sharpton. You need to start using the Left’s playbook against them. You need to do the one thing that the J6 protesters did do right – put the fear of God in these monsters once and for all. We’re at the brink whether anyone wants to admit it. This POS’s appearance is proof of that as he attempts to throw gasoline on the fire his ilk created.

The time for keeping quiet, not stooping to their level not even fighting back is over. Rise Up.