DHS Sec Admits Border Crisis Is “Unprecedented,” “Did Not Test” 15K Illegals in Del Rio, TX

DHS Sec said just a few days ago this admin has a plan and they are executing it on the border. Today he admits the massive influx of illegals in Del Rio is “unprecedented”.

How can that be if the border is ‘secure’ with whatever plan is being executed!?
Because the plan being executed is to let illegals INTO the US, and it’s unprecedented because they weren’t expecting to have such a success rate!

But it doesn’t end there. While Americans are being muzzled, being mistreated by authorities, ordered to get vạxzynạted*(of an untested experimental treatment for a bug with a 99.96% survival rate) or lose their job or be denied entry/access to businesses, schools and services etc, this jackass admitted those 15K illegals who entered the US and are now being sent to all corners of the country were not tested for the bug!

The same bug the Left treats as if its the killer from the movie Contagion(2011), that they’re following the script to a ‘T’, and hoping to do us whats being done to Australians right now!
You see how Americans are being treated for not complying to the orders and restrictions for the bug, yet this regime cuts thousands loose, superspreaders really, onto the streets of America and thats okay!?

We’re being lied and played while those in power are systematically destroying the USA. The Left continues to weaponize the bug for power and control so of course they’ll set more illegals loose to continue this man-made ‘crisis’.

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