Leaked Video Shows Border Patrol Agents Confront CBP Chief

Border Agents confronted a CBP Chief Raul Ortiz over the open border policies they’re being required to follow under the illegitimate individual’s regime.

Many say they support the agents, well speak for yourselves because they A R E willfully obeying orders that A R E violations of federal immigration laws! They are putting their job/title and pension ahead of country and oath.. “just following orders”. In other words the agents are breaking the law as much as their superiors! Surely govt agents have something similar to the military’s Code of Conduct where they are justified refusing to follow unlawful orders!?

Chief Ortiz is garbage, making excuses with this bogus pep rally, while a bona fide criminal (DHS Sec Mayorkas) stands behind him. For those unaware Mayorkas stated ‘unlawful presence in the United States will alone not be a basis for an immigration enforcement action,’

…aka illegals entering the country which is a crime under 8 US Code § 1325. Improper entry by alien. He is in fact admitting under this admin DHS/Border Patrol is brining in, aiding and harboring illegal aliens ALL are FEDERAL CRIMES

Somebody, somewhere, somehow has to find a way to arrest govt officials like Mayorkas, any border chief enforcing his orders etc. Until people are arrested and prosecuted for blatantly violating immigration laws this invasion will NEVER stop.