Republicans Got Caught

The GOP in Wisc tried to sneak in legislation to legalize ballot drop boxes, while the GOP in MO tried to slip through a redistricting bill that would HELP the dems!

Surely, there are more stories like this we don’t know about, so OAN’s Christina Bob asks, “Why would republicans do this?”

Simple, they’re in on it! The republicans and democrats ACT like enemies on the clock but behind closed doors they’re all pals, as this site explained months ago using a cartoon, working together to stay in power as they pit Americans against Americans. And NO it’s not a minority doing this crap, the majority of the GOP supports these spineless moves for drop boxes, redistricting, allowing them to trade stocks based on info they’re privy too etc etc.

For a long time this site has declared the democrat party is this nations biggest threat, but the GOP is clearly trying to take that title, at the least for being spineless allowing the dems get away with everything they’re doing.

They ALL need to go, but good luck at the voting booth since this same GOP has done nothing to prevent another 2020 election steal.