Congress Summed Up in One Cartoon

Many conservatives are pretty fed up with the GOP and the same could be said about rational, sane democrats (few that are still out there) being fed up with the radicals who have taken over their party. This op will focus on the GOP, since this is a conservative site, but the point of it applies to the other side… you’ll see.

The GOP is every single conservatives, as well as this country’s problem. They have no will… no spine to stand up to the Left. The moment they show any solidarity and a shred of defiance all it takes is for the democrats to call them a name (racist, bigots, __phobic etc) and the GOP goes running to the hills, looking for a large rock to curl up in a ball under, in a deep dark hole! They’re feckless, incompetent, and impotent, never standing up for the American people. Yet they put a show for us all battling in the House and Senate, running to Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, conservative radio, Twitter to rant and rave about the dems and “all they’re trying to do”.

Both sides are pitting Americans against each other when in the end they’re the ones who profit, seize power and control at our expense. You see behind scenes they’re one big happy family, working together. Case in point to show it’s been going on forever: In 2013 after losing the 2012 presidential election, fmr Rep Paul Ryan was working with fmr RADICAL democrat Luis Gutierrez to pass amnesty! This is not a benefit for ANY American, conservative or liberal, republican or democrat. Amnesty empowers the elites running everything, because they know pandering and changing the country’s demographics will result in one party PROGRESSIVE rule.

These jerks are just like Looney Tunes’ ‘Sam Sheepdog’ and ‘Ralph Wolf’ battling over the sheep; friends off the clock/ enemies at work!

When you understand and accept this as fact, then you’ll know why nothing really changes, the score is always 1-1, 2-2, 3-3… each side doing just enough to upset the other side, putting on a show for voters/donors, and then compromising in the end, screwing us as they walk away from public service multimillionaires!

All sitting republicans AND democrats need to be thrown out of office if this country has any chance. Otherwise we’ll remain that herd of sheep they’re fighting over. We must reestablish WE ARE THEIR MASTERS THEY ARE OUR SERVANTS!