Rep Paul Ryan 2013: “We’re Going to Vote on a Bill to Legalize People Who Are Undocumented” (Video)

Paul Ryan and many members of the GOP retiring this year are making a last-ditch effort to get amnesty through. This should be of no surprise as this site has been warning of Ryan’s intentions since he lost his bid for VP in 2012. In 2013 Ryan told a town hall they [Congress] would legalize illegals, it’s a project he himself has been working on with, another Congressman on his way out, democrat Luis Gutierrez.

Doesn’t matter which party they’re in, progressives stick together to push an agenda that will screw us all in the end!

9/5/2017: Paul Ryan cannot be trusted on anything related to immigration. His end goal like most in Congress is to legalize all illegal aliens in the US. With POTUS ending obama’s illegal DACA order, Ryan will now push for comprehensive immigration reform. Through this millions of illegal aliens will be granted amnesty as Ryan promised in 2013.

Congress is more concerned about illegals than US citizens. Both repubs and dems want access to this new voter pool because they know Americans are onto them. Watch how quickly Congress moves on this in agreement vs not doing anything about obamacare!

2015: With Paul Ryan being floated as the next “best” choice for Speaker of the House it might be good to take a look at his recent past. Yes, he has had his moments on the debt and other issues but keep in mind since then he’s been out of the spotlight. Not too soon after losing the 2012 Presidential election Ryan was working hard behind the scenes to get illegal alien amnesty through….


Well I’m done with Ryan too! Have been since the election but especially after Mark Levin gracefully took him apart on this insanity of legalizing 11 million ILLEGAL ALIENS. It’s sad because Ryan has his head on straight when it comes to our economic system. That unfortunately all goes out the door because he is not factoring the economic impact the 30+ million ILLEGALS within the next 10-20 years will have on this country.

We cannot take care of our own, there are 100 million out of work (not to mention in poverty etc) and DC wants to allow millions more into the US! Ryan even says “we have to make sure that our systems are work well”, but they aren’t and that should be the priority before you allow 11-30 million MORE PEOPLE into this country that cannot sustain what we have today!

Paul Ryan you like the rest in DC and are clueless. I KNOW like many why you’re all doing this, it’s because you dopes in the republicant party think it will get you into the White House. Ryan and Romney lost not because of the hispanic or black vote… they lost because WHITE voters stayed home Nov 2012. Romney/ Ryan had a lower popular vote in ’12 than McCain had in 2008. Legalizing 11 million isn’t going to save the republican party… you guys are dead to most of us going the way of the Whig Party.

Oh and can we please stop with the PC calling them “undocumented” they are ILLEGAL ALIENS!

Paul Ryan lays out immigration proposals in Racine town hall meeting
By Bill Glauber of the Journal Sentinel
Racine — Coming face-to-face with activists, immigrants and the children of undocumented immigrants, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan on Friday laid out his proposals to achieve a consensus in Congress and push through long-sought reform of the nation’s immigration laws.

“Immigration is a good thing for this country. It is this country,” Ryan told more than 300 people who attended the town hall meeting at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.

Ryan, the Janesville Republican who was the 2012 vice presidential candidate, has been a key behind-the-scenes player on the issue in Washington.

The U.S. Senate has already passed an immigration reform bill that included a 13-year path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million people who are in the country illegally.

“A lot of people are saying, just pass the Senate bill,” Ryan said. “That’s not what the House is going to do.

“I think we can make it better.”

“I’m not doing this for politics,” Ryan later said. “I think it’s the right thing to do for the country.”

Ryan said in the House, where the Republicans are in the majority, the intent “is to bring about five or six bills…to fix these problems in our immigration laws one step at a time in a comprehensive way.”

Ryan said negotiations are underway to bring “these various bills to the floor of Congress.”

“Tentatively, October, we’re going to vote on these bills,” Ryan said. “We’re going to vote on a border security bill, we’re going to vote on an interior enforcement bill, like the workplace verification and the visa tracking. We’re going to vote on a legal immigration bill for visas, for agricultural workers, for skilled workers.”

Ryan also said, “We’re going to vote on a bill to legalize people who are undocumented.”

Under such a plan, those who are here illegally would have to wait a minimum of 15 years to gain citizenship, two years longer than the Senate version of immigration reform. But they would be eligible to receive a “probationary visa” Ryan said.

“We want to give people an ability to come out of the shadows and get themselves right with the law,” he said…more