TX Rep Goes Off on Pelosi & Mask Mandates While Infected Illegals Pour Across the Border

The CDC and Fraudci can’t seem to get their stories straight as they’re recommending masks be worn indoors again and there’s talk of another lockdown regardless of people getting vaccinated. Naturally, House Spokeswoman Nanzi Pelozei dictated masks must be worn in the People’s House by elected officials except when speaking on the floor. This clearly lit a fuse for TX Congressman Chip Roy who went off over this order, as well as the CDC and Fraudci, thundering away at the hypocrisy that Americans are being masked and locked down while illegals, many infected with covid, pour across the border and moving throughout the country!

Progressives are adamant everyone must get vaccinated, yet we have one story after another about vaccinated people getting the virus and coming down with other health problems! So according to progs get the vaccine (that doesn’t work but will make you sick anyway), mask up, lockdowns are coming again but all you illegals coming into the US no problem come on in the Xiden regime will put you up in a hotel/ hospital, feed, cloth, educate and fund you while Americans are treated like they have the plague.

The monsters saw how much power they gained circumventing the Constitution without pulling the trigger when this bug first hit. They know it’s the gateway to getting everything they want in the name of public health safety and they know because YOU didn’t push back they can do it again, while turning this country into a larger version of California. The only way this nonsense stops is when you all start saying NO and stop complying with this bullshit.