Schumer Insults 74 Million Trump Voters: They Voted For A “Despicable,” “Racist,” “Vile” Man

Sitting US Senator (for far too long) Chuck Schumer lashed out at 74 million Americans for supporting ‘a despicable human being as Donald Trump. I don’t care if you’re a liberal or a conservative, democrat or republican he is a vile man, he is dishonest, he is divisive….he’s a racist’

What Chuckle’s just described here is really the old guy and harlot. Almost everyday the old guy says offensive things many of which are racist, which is why his handlers don’t want talking. They give a him a script, a list of reporters to call on and orders to get out of wherever he is as quickly as possible. The harlot is just as bad, like 0bama stuttering when she lies she laughs , the harder the laugh the bigger the lie. Yet like clockwork these radical unhinged violent Leftists accuse Trump and his supporters of what they and they’re ilk are actually doing. And for the record Schmuck is attacking Trump and his supporters to this day because he and the dems are scared.

How did people vote for Trump? Well they don’t get triggered by words or things he allegedly said, or things he said taken out of context. They voted for him based on his actions which were for the People’s benefit unlike Schumer and his ilk who only do what benefits the elites.

Go ahead Chuckles insult Americans some more, call us names, we don’t care, we’re not weak and sensitive like your soy boy/ girl army who get triggered if someone doesn’t use the right pronoun. You go ahead and you keep poking the caged up beast because the time is coming when that beast is going to bite.