Teachers’ Union Boss Supports Mạndạtỉng The Vạccỉne For Kids Five & Older

Randi Weingarten, head of the Teachers Union, is all in for children five and older to get an UNTESTED EXPERIMENTAL shot! Generally new drugs go through 3-5 years of trials to produce that grocery list of side effects you hear in drug ads. You don’t hear any of that about the shot do you!? Nope, and everyone getting it needs to understand that YOU, your kids, ARE THE LAB RATS to produce the data!

Do you think Weingarten cares about your kids, or do you think it’s also about indoctrination?

The Left wants everyone to get this shot no questions asked, and anyone who objects will be dealt with. Kids are so screwed up in the head over the last two years they don’t know life without being masked and isolated. They don’t know how to react because for two years they haven’t seen the faces of those they’re learning from and interacting with!

So sure make kids get a shot, on top of all the other bs being forced on them because it’s what these propagandists who call themselves teachers want. Educators mind you who are completely uninformed on how the bug is transmitted, ignore facts that children are the least vulnerable, don’t know simple steps on how to protect yourself, won’t accept the injections are useless.

Weingarten is just another radical Leftist who doesn’t give a damn, she just wants everyone in-line with the Leftist agenda regardless of age and risk to their lives.