Biden Ignores Reporters Question If He “Underestimated Putin?”

The illegitimate individual occupying the White House sat with a stupid smirk on his face and picking his teeth as a reporter asked “do you think you may have underestimated Putin,” during a meeting the WH held on supply chains(another failure of his).

Keep in mind this is the same old guy who said in 2019, “Putin knows that when I am president of the United States his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe are over.”

Putey Pute called the old guys bluff invading Ukraine making him and the USA look weak and foolish.

Is this site calling for US military action to defend Ukraine? F NO! But the right thing to do, that should’ve been done a while ago were sanctions and maintaining energy independence that was definitely hurting Russian oligarchs. If anything the old guy proved he is the one that is Putin’s puppet, not President Trump!