Dem Congressman Wants to Confiscate People’s Convoy Trucks

Anytime American’s flex their freedom the fascist tyrants who call themselves democrats get triggered showing their true colors. Case in point – waste of flesh AZ congressman Ruben Gallego posted on twitter that he not only wants to confiscate trucks participating in the People’s Convoy but he also wants to give (redistribute) the trucks to small business!

These trucks are not cheap, a new one will run you an easy six figures, up to and far over $150K! Drivers work a very long time to own one of these trucks and this tyrant thinks they can just take and give them away.

This is a perfect reason why “democrats” MUST BE POLITCALLY EXTERMINATED from holding any level of public office. Dems hate freedom, capitalism and the American way.

What would be better and far more effective is if EVERYONE (trash collector to police and medical etc) stopped working. Gallego and his American hating ilk depend on We the People for everything, they’ll have a complete meltdown if no one is stocking the shelves, ringing up their crap, cooking their food, picking up their trash, cutting their lawns, answering the phone etc. America you have no idea how much power you actually have over the elites. They cannot function without us. Yes this site supports the convoy, but the message would be far better delivered if every single American stayed home for couple days, weeks even a month!

Too harsh? How about REFUSING to service elites!?