Biden Blames Everyone Except Himself For Rising Prices

obama’s puppet speaking at the democ.. TRAITORS retreat in Philadelphia was full of lies, propaganda and fingerpointing. The fossil, who claimed as candidate he ‘won’t blame others’…

…in fact just about blamed everyone, but his [handlers], for the now record high inflation.

Putin’s fault..

Big Oil’s fault…


This regime is a complete disaster and they’re taking EVERYONE, including our allies, down. Out of spite they’ve reversed all of Pres Trump’s policies that were working economically as well as keeping monsters like Putin at bay.

You can blame you friends, co-workers, neighbors and family that voted for the old kook, and/or sat the election out because “Orange Man Bad”. When they bitch and moan open up “both barrels” on them, rip them apart, directly blaming them for this chaos.