Dems Admit They’re Trying To “Redesign” The Country

Following her rant about the “voting rights” bill and the need to get it passed, House SpokesIDIOT Pelozei agreed with comrade socialist Jamaal Bowman, during a recent NY-16 town hall, that their radical, destructive, America hating party’s end goal is to “redesign” the USA to make the country and world better for everyone! [eye roll]

If passed that bill will make the crimes committed by progressive democrats and some republicans permanent and legal. What they did in 2020 will be the law of the land guaranteeing the country is under one party rule opening the door for them to “redesign” everything.

Their hate for America is backed up by a recent Quinnipiac U poll that 52% of democrats would cut and run if the US was invaded like Ukraine, rather than stay and fight. These people need to be run out of office, and have every single day of their lives made miserable.