Pelosi Suggests Americans Have A Low Opinion Of Biden Because They’re Ignorant

The House Spokesperson, third in line to the presidency once again demonstrates her over-the-top elitism, loathing and detest for Americans who are not in lockstep with this radical administration. This WITCH just suggested at least half the country is ignorant because we don’t know what dementiaJoe has done for us! We know enough and don’t approve of an incompetent, impotent, destructive, dementia ridden, DANGEROUS old fool!

Pelozie, DC, the media, Hollywood, professional athletes, local govt Leftists ARE IGNORANT because they’re not listening to the People!! They run their mouths and make policies that hurt us.

This monster has this attitude because she’s never been held accountable for anything she does. She’s broken laws, gotten rich off our backs, via insider-trading and God knows what else. This garbage is getting completely out of control now from these monsters HIRED by US citizens to run the country. We need to re-establish that Pelozie, the old guy and everyone else are We the People’s SERVANTS. They SERVE US, it’s not the other way around.