Nadler REFUSES To List Antifa & BLM As Domestic Terrorists: They Are Peaceful

GOP Rep Steube attempted to introduce an amendment, during the House Judiciary Committee hearing, on the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 that would designate antifa and BLM as domestic terrorist organizations. Naturally Jerry Nadler chairing the committee shot down the amendment, declaring the GOP is coughing up ‘boogiemen’ and that the groups, whose violence and destruction is well documented, ‘are Peaceful’….

This is the same PoopyPants Nadler who said the riots in Portland were a myth

There should be no question now the democrats support and will vehemently defend these terrorists, while pinning what they do on people on the Right. The democrat party is the biggest existential threat to America. They are doing everything possible to push Americans to the brink while giving cover to these modern-day brownshirts.