WH: Illegals Are “Free To Travel” Throughout US Once They Cross Border

It is a crime to enter the US under 8 US Code § 1325. Improper entry by alien period end of story. This regime has made it abundantly clear they do not care about any of our laws as they break them daily, demonstrated here by the Propaganda Minister stating illegals are ‘free to travel’ throught the US once processed. This is all a master plan to collapse the US using illegals to overwhelm our infrastructure (economic, healthcare, education, social entitlement paid by tax payers etc). The same illegals who have NO respect for our laws and sovereignty, being so bold they are now taking selfies at the unfinished border wall.

These bastards truly believe when the dusts settles they’ll be standing on-top of the rubble offering to “save us”, and creating a new America under permanent one party rule.

But you know they’re not the problem, the American people who have allowed them to take things this far are to blame.

It’s time to stop venting on social media and take action, starting with removing every single bastard in DC, especially the USELESS GOP. All the ever do is make excuses when they aren’t running to the hills to find a dark corner under a desk in a deep dark hole under a rock because Leftists called them a name!

NOTHING is ever going to change so long as the People are silent allowing this govt to treat illegals like first class citizens and the rest of us like garbage!

If Russia or China invaded America every able bodied man and woman, even “child” (say 17-19yos), would take up arms to defend America like Ukrainians are doing now. We are being invaded at southern border and it’s time for Americans to protect the homeland, since our govt refuses to do so violating fed immigration laws.