WH Messaging Dir Dressed As Easter Bunny Whisks Biden Away

White House staff are ALWAYS keeping an eye on the illegitimate individual, prepared to pull him away when he starts rambling. Today during Easter egg roll on the South Lawn the old fool wandered off and started talking to attendees where he began speaking about Afghanistan and Pakistan. His Director of Message Planning(whatever the hell that is), Meghan Hays, dressed as Mrs Easter Bunny(?) was within ear shot and quickly whisked him away before he could do more damage than he has already done on US foreign policy.

Name a time when a POTUS was this closely watched and protected from speaking to anyone!?

Can’t think of a time, but surely some will claim it happened with Reagan toward the end of his presidency. I’ve never see any vids like this, let alone the countless others that prove Xiden is mentally unfit to serve. This guy is a major national security threat, God help us if things really escalate with Russia, China and Iran.