221,000 Illegals Crossed The Southern Border In March

The fundamental transformation of America continues on as the illegitimate regime allowed 221,000 illegals into the country, equivalent to the size of the city of Richmond, VA, violating countless federal immigration laws.

170K illegal aliens are staging on the border as we speak, to rush the border when Title 42 expires.
23 terrorists have been caught entering the US, but for every 1 illegal caught up to 4 “got aways” get through, so do the math on the number of terrorists that are here and the number hiding within that 170K!

The US will get hit again by terrorists, that this regime and everyone connected to it, including border agents “just doing their jobs” breaking laws bringing illegals in, will be 100% responsible.

It is time for Americans, Texans to invoke their right to organize a militia under the Second Amendment and get down to the border to form a human wall against these invaders the govt, as well as Gov Abbott, has failed to stop.

We’re there folks, no one is coming to save us. We don’t have time to wait to see what happens after an election that is 7mos away, with said governor’s inauguration 9mos away, and congress is completely useless!