WH: Biden Is Appealing Mạsk Mạndạtẹ Ruling To “Preserve That Authority For The CḌC”

The hysterics you’ve been witnessing for the last 2 over the mạsk mạndạtẹ being overruled isn’t about people being concerned for their safety, if they want to wear a mạsk 2-3, a face shield, goggles, bio-hazard suit to go along with their 4 shots and boosters they still can. Progressives being up in arms is camouflage, they need the country to remain under the threat from the engineered flu because it gives them an excuse to seize power and control…. oh and how can we forget stealing another election!

The WH’s Minister of Propaganda told it’s media lackeys the regime is appealing the decision to “preserve that authority for the CDC.” They want to use their new found powers through the medical state to get us a step closer to fundamental transformation. The CDC has been wrong about everything, when they weren’t burying the truth. Who in their right mind would listen to them now!?

The old fool actually told the truth for once…

Don’t forget the evil little elf admitted mạsks DON’T work!

You are witnessing without a shadow of doubt that everything we experienced over the last 2+ years was a lie all these people care about is power and control. More importantly if you haven’t figured it out yet the CDC is not an arm of the legislative branch and mạndạtẹ s ARE NOT and HAVE NEVER been laws. A lot of people are still waking up that they’ve been lied to, the fools and sheep will continue to comply.

Whatever happens going forward DO NOT COMPLY with anything these bastards order. It’s time for massive civil disobedience.