Fạủcỉ : End of Mạndạtẹ “Disturbing,” “Court Interfered”

The evil elf is upset the rule of law was applied against the medical tyranny he exercised under his new found powers NO ONE ever delegated to him nor his agency. The court DID NOT interfere, this monster and his ilk overstepped their authority.

The CDC can make recommendations they cannot legislate. What is it we’re always told… “consult with your physician” whether a treatment or precaution is right for you, and yet this monster WHO HAS BEEN FACTUALLY WRONG ON EVERYTHING thinks he should be making the call.

Progressives again showed their hand, it’s never been about public health and your safety – it’s all about their control over everyone. And you know where they really F’d up, aside from everything they got caught on? Not giving the millions crossing the border a second thought! You gotta mạsk up, social distance, get 20 shọts etc because “public health threat” but the useless, uneducated, unskilled leeches, criminals, predators and terrorists crossing the southern border who didn’t get ANY of the shọts we all get at birth let alone for the fake vỉrủs, get a welcome package and a ticket to conservative districts no questions asked!

F this guy, and F anyone pushing this bs any further, we know it’s all about progressives stealing another election.
Go ahead do it progs and God help you all when you steal another election, calling what will happen The Purge will be an understatement from what I’m hearing!