SenWarren: Biden Is “Putting Plans In Place” For Amnesty At Border

The illegitimate regime is deliberately causing an overwhelming flow of illegal aliens into the US to radically change America in order to produce permanent one party rule. The number of illegals entering is so high this regime will say their only option will be to offer amnesty as Sen FAKE Indian Warren tells CNN biden[obama-jarrett-rice] is making plans for amnesty

I’ve been warning for years this is the master plan to complete fundamental transformation. Illegals by just being in the US change its demographics and more importantly population counts, which decides the number of Congressional representatives a given state will have. Progressives successfully tested this out in California, and are now applying it nationwide.

There’s no coming back from this, no way to stop it so long as you choose to do nothing about progressives running this nation. Govt officials, including border agents “just following orders” are breaking federal immigration laws. Someone better find a way to start arresting them,YES GOVT OFFICIALS, because when that happens things will stop, otherwise the invasion will continue.