Textbook Example of Deflection

The Left has been completely melting down since Elon Musk decided to buy Twitter. Naturally the unhinged violent Left has pivoted to create a boogeyman in Musk where MSDNC’s Ari Melber went on a rant suggesting if Musk wanted to he would use the platform to engage in censorship, shadowbanning if not outright banning of candidates, turning down reach etc. What this vile SOB is doing is textbook example of deflection/deflecting, accusing the other side of something he/they are in fact doing. Many thought this vid was a joke, because he spelled out exactly what’s been happening to A LOT of us over the last couple years.

Think of everything the Left has done to high profile people on the Right, or even yourself on social media platforms. They’re now worried it’s going to happen to them, but under Musk it won’t happen. They just want to create the illusion it will so the govt will come down on Big Tech and reform Section 230! Do you remember when people on the Right called for reforming that? We were called conspiracists and babies, there was no need but now that playing field is being made fair they want it! The evil ginger demon WH propagandist made it official during a presser….

The Left HATES free speech, they HATE you, their response to Musk is proof.