Schumer: The “Only Way” To Reduce Bidenflation Is To Raise Taxes

These monsters in DC do not care about the damage they’re doing to this country so long as they have applesauce for brains rubberstamping fundamental transformation. Schumer, by far one of the worst politicians in US history, gladly tells the corrupt media the “only way” to get rid of inflation is to remove the tax cuts made under the Trump administration and raise taxes!

bidenflation IS a tax on Americans, who can’t afford things as it is.
This DOLT is calling for more taxes on Americans, while 10’s of 1000’s of illegals, who dont pay taxes and in fact leech off the system paid for by taxpayers, pour across the border everyday!

Correct me if Im wrong but wasn’t being taxed to death one of the primary reasons Colonists went to war with Britain to win their independence and create the USA!?

We’re there folks whether you want to admit it or not.
Sadly we have no one to take the lead against these monsters doing the devils work.