Sure, 80M Voted For This Guy… No One Likes Joe

Want more proof the election was a fraud? Want to see who is really running the country? Here you go…

In this clip the illegitimate individual wanders around a room FULL OF PEOPLE, and no one is paying him any attention

Here is the old fool being ignored by his boss – look at him how he’s grabbing 0’s shoulder, saying his name being completely ignored!

And this was shortly after his boss made fun of him being his VP

This is the same old guy we’re told got 80M votes, more votes than the guy in that room people are flocking to! NO ONE likes Joe.

Putin, Xi, the Fat Kid in N Korea, the mullahs in Tehran and all America’s enemies, and allies, see this. They ALL know this country really has no leadership or backbone and that is why America is getting rolled week after week.

You all can thank your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family who did everything in their power to see Donald Trump removed from the White House, BLAME THEM.