3 BACKSTABBING GOP Senators Announce Support For KBJ to SCOTUS

Russia, China, Iran, N Korea or islamic jihadists are NOT the biggest existential threat to America, PROGRESSIVES (dems and repubs) are! Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney are shining examples of the progressive threat against this country from within, as they will be voting with democrats to confirm one of the most radical judges to SCOTUS.

So much for waiting until the day of the vote….

Romeny is absolute progressive TRASH.

‘After multiple in-depth conversations with Judge Jackson and deliberative review of her record and recent hearings, I will support her historic nomination to be an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.’ ~ Murkowski

‘After reviewing Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s extensive record, watching much of her hearing testimony, and meeting with her twice in person, I have concluded that she possesses the experience, qualifications, and integrity to serve as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. I will, therefore, vote to confirm her to this position.; ~Collins

None of these “people” seem to care this monster refused to say what a woman is, supports abortion, has a disgraceful LONG history of issuing lenient sentences to violent criminals, sexual predators and pedophiles,and most alarming stating in a written response following her confirmation hearing that Americans DO NOT have natural rights!!

Forget the other crap about KBJ, she doesn’t think you have the right to free speech, free press, protest, practice religion of your choosing, defend yourself, right to speedy trial and all the other NATURAL RIGHTS spelled out in the Constitution. A SCOTUS justice’s job is to determine if the case before them violates said rights that this POS says ‘I do not hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights.’ This statement should automatically disqualify KBJ from being on the bench, but not to Progressives, she is the type of monster they want serving to advance their radical destructive agenda.

All our rights will be put in jeopardy because of these 3 degenerates, who lets be honest ARE NOT republicans.

I suggest those of you who are their constituents organize ASAP to make Collins, Murkowski and Romney’s lives absolutely miserable. Give your states GOP hell to expel them from the party. Meltdown their phone lines, crash their email servers, hold sit-ins at their offices, coincidently show up on public sidewalk outside their homes(DO NOT go onto their property), and while youre at it give their families HELL too, CIVIL WITHIN THE RULE OF LAW. It can be done.

Do whatever you have to do to force these people out of office NOW, we’re not waiting for an election we know these bastards will surely squeak out a slim victory.