High Gas Prices Aren’t an Accident They’re Opportunity to Push Green New Deal

Gas prices skyrocketing aren’t an accident (not that majority of Americans need to be told this) they are in fact part of the Left’s bigger plan to advance the climate change death cult’s green new deal. Here is the House SPOKESIDIOT and illegitimate individual both admitting it higher prices are an opportunity to advance their radical plan today…

To date there is NO alternative energy source being developed to replace fossil fuels. Solar and wind cannot meet current energy needs, especially in states like CA that have already taken steps to eliminate fossil fuels. The state experiences black and brownouts now, what will happen when EVERYONE is running EVERYTHING off the grid and usage increases 100%!? There won’t be enough power to run A/C, refrigeration, critical medical equipment(ex dialysis machines) food production/storage etc etc etc. Are you starting to catch on why this site calls climate changer’s a DEATH CULT!?

These people are delusional and incredibly dangerous. They are going to get people killed from the lack of power to war over energy!

DON’T blame Joe, Nanzi, Bernie or AOC – blame your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members who voted for this garbage.