Biden: No ‘Click a Switch’(?) Will Bring Down Gas & Food Prices

Ummm what in the blue hell is a ‘click a switch’? Does the illegitimate old fool mean flip of a switch!? Of course but he’s in massive cognitive decline he cannot speak. Just imagine the clusterfck he could start dealing with a foreign power especially any of America’s enemies.

Anyway what he says here is NOT true, PRESIDENT Donald Trump proved that. He allowed the oil companies to drill and produce so much oil the US for once was energy independent, and when energy prices were down so was the cost of everything like food, so it can be done with a FLIP of the switch!

The old fool thinks if he, and really the regime running things, puts American’s in massive economic pain over food and gas prices we’ll welcome their Green New Deal, which will clearly open the door to Build Back Better aka Great Reset aka New World Order. They know it’s only a matter of time until people submit and beg to stop the pain, and then MANY of you will go along with whatever INSANE solution is presented.

This is what the Left does all the time on any issue – a thousand slashes until you’ve had enough and beg for the pain to stop.