BetA Calls For Gun Confiscation

No one should be surprised that Bob Frank O’Rourke* reversed his reversal, ‘I’m not interested in taking anything from anyone’, and is back to calling for gun confiscation. He has always planned to confiscate American’s private property leaving them defenseless against criminals, terrorists and evildoers who DO NOT and WILL NEVER follow any gun law.

This SOB, and his vile anti-American/Constitution ilk, is obsessed with the AR-15 calling it a military weapon when it is in fact a sporting rifle. The military considered it inferior and tasked Colt to build a similar weapon that had select fire (semi, burst and fully automatic) capability, but this clown and his ilk will never admit it. Civilian AR’s are semiauto incapable of firing in full auto, but these asses lie that civilians are in possession of full auto AR’s. When a licensed firearms dealer and popular YouTuber used military grade lowers on AR uppers the weapon will actually malfunction even meltdown when fired in full auto. Hell the round it fires, .223, is small compared to other caliber rifles, and in many cases handguns… ever hear of a Smith & Wesson 500?

The AR is black and “scary looking” so it must be taken away from civilians because of a handful of monsters who used it to kill innocent people. Mind you this POS has NEVER said a word about the daily violence in Chicago, Philadelphia, LA, Baltimore that dwarf these one time mass killings. And they have no intentions of securing schools like the office buildings, banks etc that have armed guards they frequent. Nope, schools shootings give the Left the political capital they need to go after gun rights, why would they ever pull the plug on that!?

No, its all about disarming you because BETA and his ilk cannot move forward with their plans for America so long as the People are armed. And America they’re coming for handguns too, the stupid old kook let the cat out of the bag today as he mumbled nonsense!

* This site WILL NOT call this gun grabber by his nickname. He engaged in cultural appropriation using a hispanic nickname to gain voter support, and every single time people call him that nickname they help solidify his lie!