Reminder: Dems Were Silent Following Assassination Attempt Against GOP


This post really is for the leadership and members of the GOP who are being coaxed to agree with the rants, demands and irrational behavior from rabid unhinged democrats and propagandists in the media:

McConnell says he has directed Cornyn to engage with Democrats on a ‘bipartisan solution’ on gun violence
Biden believes “rational Republicans” could move on gun control

When a DEMOCRAT, a hardcore Bernie supporter, shot up your baseball practice in June 2017 attempting to assassinate 30 of you, where Steve Scalise almost paid the price, and literally swing the balance of power in Congress, the people you are now sitting down with to discuss gun control legislation were SILENT on the attack AGAINST YOU! They, all Leftists really(Hollywood to media to DC) NEVER carried on over that attack like we see them do after a tragedy like Uvalde, TX.

Lemme say it again… the democrats, who are DEMANDING massive gun control, weapon bans and confiscations, didn’t give a rats ass when one of their own tried to kill 30 of you!

Who in the hell do you all think you are now to be sitting down with democrats to “do something”?

Do you honestly believe conserv/GOP voters will shrug this capitulation off? Do you honestly believe voters will go along with your being complicit in taking their rights and property away, criminalizing them with a vote and swipe of a pen, over pressure from dems, their unhinged ilk, and vote for you again?

And let’s get somethign perfectly clear, the dems couldn’t careless about these recent attacks,they welcome them because it opens the door for them to advance their anti-2A agenda. The Second stands direcly in their way of advancing their longterm plans for this country. They can’t enact what they have planned (Green New Deal aka Build Back Better aka Great Reset aka new World Order) so long as the American People are armed… and you clowns are ready to help them!

The Second Amendment IS ABSOLUTE, regardless what that old kook claims. EVERY SINGLE law you COWARDS pass is ILLEGAL whether you want to admit and hear it or not, and if you cower AGAIN to the Left YOU’RE ALL DONE.

We have 2A for a reason and you guys apparently OUT OF FEAR, of being called names by a bunch of violent unhinged democrats, want to test it.

This country went into Civil War for a fraction of all the problems we’re dealing with now. You push national Red Flag law, which is clearly Unconstitutional revoking ones due process rights, among others, restrict what we can or can’t own while you armed terrorists with $85,000,000,000 in equipment, vehicles, actual “assault weapons” and machine guns etc, don’t be surprised when you have DOZENS of Waco’s and Ruby Ridge’s playing out, that will most definitely not end in the govts favor.

Start enforcing the laws on the books. Hell, add teeth to existing gun laws with much harsher penalties, ie death penalty.

Taking and/or restricting weapons from law-abiding Americans will not end well with crime not the rise, illegal immigration given a pass(where 1000’s of criminals and dozens of terrorists are entering the US DAILY) and dem leaders empowering criminals while they’re trying to defund if not disband the police.

You do this, you will lose the midterms, the general in 2024 and this country if you give in to the Left.