TX Police Didn’t Enter School Right Away Because “They Could’ve Been Shot, Killed”

A lot of confusion swirling around about the police response to the attack at Robb Elementary, including officers waiting for almost an hour to enter! This is apparently true as Texas DPS Lt Chris Olivarez told CNN that officers waited to go in, regardless that its an active shooter situation because “they could’ve been shot, they could’ve been killed.”

We get it we understand in a typical hostage situation you don’t rush in. But an active shooter where CHILDREN are being executed, YOU PUT YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE TO PRESERVE LIFE AND THE DEFENSELESS from evil. This is their job, to rush into a war zone when people are running the other way!

Have we learned nothing after events like this that waiting equals more deaths!

If they’re not going to go in when it happens then repeal the G-Damn gun free zone bullshit around schools so responsible gun owners, teachers, bystanders, parents, can react.

This country does not have a gun problem, it has a people people problem be it the assailants to the supposed first-responders. This is a massive screw-up, we don’t have to say if true, he’s telling us that’s in fact what happened. Kids were being shot, police were outside waiting for backup when they weren’t arresting parents trying to save their children.

This country is a mess…